For inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 613-745-0123 x 240.

For inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 613-745-0123 x 240.



Veterinary dentistry, like human dentistry, involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

Dr Maya Popovic

Dentistry Department

Dr Maya Popovic

Dr. Maya Popovic obtained her veterinary degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2011. She was a general practitioner for 9 years in Ottawa prior to pursuing a residency in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery at the University of Montreal in 2020. Dr. Popovic received her board certification from the American Veterinary Dental College in 2023.

Dr. Popovic is passionate about dentistry and oral surgery. Her special interests include endodontic surgery, advanced periodontal surgery, maxillofacial trauma management, and maxillectomy/mandibulectomy for the treatment of oral tumors. Additional interests include congenital and acquired palatal defect repairs, as well as prosthodontic treatment for working dogs.

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What is Veterinary Dentistry?

Oral surgeries performed include extractions, treatment of fractures and/or dislocations of the jaw, repair of cleft palate or oronasal communication (fistula), rhinotomy and surgery involving the temporomandibular joint (jaw), tongue and salivary glands.

The veterinary dentist also plays a role in the diagnosis and treatment of tumours and other oral diseases. This may involve obtaining a biopsy, CT scan, surgical excision of tumours by mandibulectomy or maxillectomy, or other advanced procedures. The Veterinary Dentist will combine their expertise with that of board-certified radiologists, oncologists, internists and other specialists to ensure the best possible care for their patients.

We also offer orthodontics, including diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions, extraction of temporary or permanent teeth, dental impressions and pulpotomy crown reductions. In some circumstances, passive orthodontic appliances (e.g., inclined plane) or active orthodontic appliances (e.g., elastic chain and buttons) are used.

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